Kramer is a grumpy 47 year old Father and Husband who’s been to far too many Cities playing radio. While growing up in Talladega, AL, all he wanted to do was leave. What is there to do there besides go to the races and chase the raccoons? Boy did he get out? From Panama City to Huntsville, AL to Tampa to Dallas to San Francisco to Detroit to Orlando to Birmingham to Little Rock to St. Louis to Toledo.

Yes, that’s right, he was in Panama City in 1991. A young man turning 21 in Panama City. Do you think he did ANYTHING other than chase women and drink on the beach? Um no.

So here it is, the full circle is near complete.

Seriously, according to Kramer, this Country has become too politically correct, and people are far too sensitive. But those lil snowflakes are entertaining aren’t they? Kramer describes himself as a “snowflake melter”. He is a right leaning moderate, and swears on all things holy to make talk radio the awesome entertainment medium it can be. It’s become a bunch of old guys sitting around saying the same thing every day.

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