Since Hurricane Michael, we’ve been virtually ignored by Congress. Even Neal Dunn, our Congressman has gone to D.C. to ask for help, and HE was ignored. After reading countless articles about being ignored, Kramer decided to take it upon himself to get some attention for the Panhandle. The idea was to take a billboard out in D.C., and thumb our nose right at them. We implored the audience to come up with ideas for the caption on the billboard. For weeks we had discussions on what it should say. We focused on the top 5 and went to the phones recently. We asked for the audience to vote, and BY FAR the winning caption is: “MICHAEL BLEW US AWAY, NOW CONGRESS IS BLOWING US OFF.”

So now it’s about getting funding. After we get the funding for the board, we will turn in the payment and the final draft – and within about 2 weeks, it will be up! It will be a MASSIVE help for everyone to pass the link around on social media of the GO FUND ME! Also, keep coming back for more details and hopefully links to the news coverage of the board!

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